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A performance walking sandal with outstanding comfort right out of the box.

The Kona difference goes much further, featuring design & technology from today’s most advance athletic shoes.

So you can enjoy walking at home or on your next holiday. 

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Comfort for Sensitive Feet

Optimized for Orthotics

Precision Fitted

Walk Easier

Science of Support

Orthotic Footbed

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Comfort for Sensitive Feet

  • Soft fully-contoured footbed

  • Better distributes pressures under your foot

  • Supple full-grain leather uppers & lining

  • Semi-rigid sole protects foot joints from pain

  • Room & protection for all five toes

  • Cushioning midsole

  • Relaxed & secure Cambrian Fit


Optimized for Orthotics

  • Fully accommodates all foot orthoses

  • Removable footbed

  • Biomechanically NEUTRAL platform

  • Extra-deep heel & midfoot well

  • Unique & critical midfoot orthotic support

  • Allows for full therapeutic orthotic function

  • Properly positions & supports custom orthotics

  • Centres foot over orthotic for optimal alignment

  • Allows orthotics to rebalance your body

  • Fully modifiable


Precision Fitted

  • TRUEGRADE  precision width fitting

  • Cambrian’s anatomical sandal last

  • North American sizes & half sizes

  • Distinct men’s and women’s lasts

  • Oblique anatomical toe shape

  • Deep encompassing orthotic footbed

  • Fully adjustable uppers


Walk Easier

  • Advanced semi-rigid fore foot rocker sole

  • Orthotic-grade therapeutic footbed

  • Gait-assisting bevelled heel strike design

  • Broad sole

  • Resilient midsole cushioning

  • Moderate heel-to-toe drop


Science of Support

  • Unique EXOPLATE embedded Stability System

  • Supportive semi-rigid midsole

  • Advanced torsion control

  • Stable full-contact bottom design

  • Integrated full arch & midfoot support

  • Neutral orthopaedic midsole design

  • Durable midsole support compound


Orthotic Footbed

  • Cambrian’s Original Cork Footbed

  • ATD Advanced Therapeutic Design

  • Unmatched support, comfort & control

  • Often suitable as custom orthotics alternative

  • Deep stabilizing heel cup

  • Medial, lateral and metatarsal arch support

  • Full leather-lined surface

  • Precision-graded distinct width options

  • Unique mid-durometer comfort formula

  • Polyurethane Cork Matrix molds to your foot

“Walking is our best medicine”

- Hippocrates
460-375 B.C.



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Cambrian footwear is only available at leading foot health clinics and expert shoe stores.

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Established in Canada in 1995, Cambrian Footwear is a leader in advanced orthopaedic shoe design. Dispensed through Canada’s accredited foot health clinics, Cambrian collaborates with members of the Pedorthic, Podiatric and Chiropody community to develop and produce premium footwear solutions that help Canadians stay active, comfortable and healthy. We are a walking shoe company and we believe that a good walk everyday is the path to better lifelong health and well being.

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