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This is our tough versatile “go-anywhere, do anything” premium sandal for men.

A hand-crafted Cambrian favourite in rugged full-grain leathers, it’s our fully-adjustable bestseller, designed for serious duty, and with outstanding comfort right out of the box.

But the Navigator difference goes much further, featuring design & technology inspired by today’s most advance athletic shoes.

Add Cambrian’s full compliment of top-tier orthopaedic features and nothing even comes close.

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Comfort for Sensitive Feet

Optimized for Orthotics

Precision Fitted

Walk Easier

Science of Support

Orthotic Footbed

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#68150 - medium
#68152 - wide


#68110 - medium

#68112 - wide


All Mens

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Comfort for Sensitive Feet

  • Soft fully-contoured footbed

  • Better distributes pressures under your foot

  • Supple full-grain leather uppers & lining

  • Semi-rigid sole protects foot joints from pain

  • Room & protection for all five toes

  • Cushioning midsole

  • Relaxed & secure Cambrian Fit

Optimized for Orthotics

  • Fully accommodates all foot orthoses

  • Removable footbed

  • Biomechanically NEUTRAL platform

  • Extra-deep heel & midfoot well

  • Unique & critical midfoot orthotic support

  • Allows for full therapeutic orthotic function

  • Properly positions & supports custom orthotics

  • Centres foot over orthotic for optimal alignment

  • Allows orthotics to rebalance your body

  • Fully modifiable

Precision Fitted

  • TRUEGRADE  precision width fitting

  • Cambrian’s anatomical sandal last

  • North American sizes & half sizes

  • Distinct men’s and women’s lasts

  • Oblique anatomical toe shape

  • Deep encompassing orthotic footbed

  • Fully adjustable uppers

Walk Easier

  • Advanced semi-rigid fore foot rocker sole

  • Orthotic-grade therapeutic footbed

  • Gait-assisting bevelled heel strike design

  • Broad sole

  • Resilient midsole cushioning

  • Moderate heel-to-toe drop

Science of Support

  • Unique EXOPLATE embedded Stability System

  • Supportive semi-rigid midsole

  • Advanced torsion control

  • Stable full-contact bottom design

  • Integrated full arch & midfoot support

  • Neutral orthopaedic midsole design

  • Durable midsole support compound

Orthotic Footbed

  • Cambrian’s Original Cork Footbed

  • ATD Advanced Therapeutic Design

  • Unmatched support, comfort & control

  • Often suitable as custom orthotics alternative

  • Deep stabilizing heel cup

  • Medial, lateral and metatarsal arch support

  • Full leather-lined surface

  • Precision-graded distinct width options

  • Unique mid-durometer comfort formula

  • Polyurethane Cork Matrix molds to your foot